Although known primarily for our past work in the conservation of endangered poultry breeds at Urban Eden in Ybor City, Florida, the design of the new Eden Conservatory will embrace the principles of permaculture, providing an outline for a self-sustained system using what nature provided instead of working against it. This will yield the best results with the least amount of impact.

By dividing the property into zones, areas are placed in a radiating pattern outward from the main house. The layout of farming systems, i,e. orchards, grazing land, farmland and natural ecosystems are placed according to frequency of use and with the idea of keeping all systems connected in efficient and multi-functional ways.

All provided elements are used to support the energy needs of the entire homestead. Sectors in the layout of zones help channeling the elements for maximum benefit, using winds for turbine power and cooling, solar for heat and in our lucky case, hydroelectric power from an abundant water source.

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Simple Living

The idea of simple living focuses on a lack of the material and mindless consumption that runs rampant in modern society. The ability to reduce ones impact on the society around them provides multiple benefits. The first is freedom from the constraints of the fast-paced industrial society that we have been conditioned to take part in. A return to a way of living that focuses on self reliance and allows for the pursuit of true individual happiness and personal freedom. The next is financial security. By reducing consumption, a sustainable lifestyle limits expenses by providing enough for the inhabitants and limiting the need to purchase life-sustaining essentials.

The self-imposed need for less provides something even deeper, a spiritual connection to ones self and the earth as a whole. Social responsibility is a key factor and by limiting conspicuous consumption and living simply, the ecological impact is reduced.

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Low Impact Building

Shelter is a necessary aspect of any homestead and the unfortunate truth of modern building is that it requires materials that are resource and labor intensive.

The all new materials are not made for recycling, which means large amounts of waste and more ecological impact. Low-impact building provides a means to reduce waste and use renewable resources. Recycled metals and stone are available in many places. Using timber from trees removed from the property are one option that we hope to employ. Rammed earth homes made of locally sourced clay is one such building option that can be found on every continent except Antarctica and in many climate zones ranging from desert to wet regions. Rammed earth is strong and durable and remnants of rammed earth construction can be found across the world dating back millennia. Other materials such as bamboo are fast growing and sturdy and can be used to build and provide structural support and architectural detail in a responsible and conscious fashion. Options are unlimited and many can be incorporated to create a unique masterpiece.

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Brenda Christian

I have four of THE BEST sultans and sultan mixes because of Eden Conservatory. They are well-adjusted and so affectionate. Their little personalities are a joy. I can't wait to see what EC does in Panama. We will definitely visit given the chance.
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Victor Losada

I'm so happy for you guys, I love what you do, good luck on your journey!
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Kim Medina

I'm so happy for you guys!!! Your chickens are rare, beautiful and amazing...your the best at what you do!! I wish you a ton of luck great job ...xxoo

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You can't buy a coffee for a dollar but you can tell all of your friends that you just bought a square meter of rain forest for a chicken! Our offer to purchase the first 24 acre portion of Eden Conservatory has been accepted! Often people want to know how they can help without breaking the bank. We have come up with a way that anyone with a dollar, a buck or four quarters can make a meaningful difference in our quest to change the world! The property owners have agreed to give us two years to buy the remaining land and you can donate one square meter for only a dollar! We will be listing your name on our friends list once for every square meter that you donate. Buy one or a thousand and immortalize your name!



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