Bearded and Tufted Lavender Ameraucana.

Why Chickens?

What started out in 2012 as a desire to have backyard chickens turned into more when we quite accidentally came to own a very rare breed of chicken that also turned out to be a rooster. Roosters are a no-no in the city but we were lucky enough to live in the National Historic District of Ybor City, where it just so happens that chickens are protected! Thankfully, we had neighbors that loved our chickens or at least put up with them because they loved us and the occasional "thank you" from the girls which was always a dozen of the most beautiful eggs you've ever seen!

We love all animals really, but chickens especially touched our hearts for some reason. Perhaps it's because so few people realize what personalities they have (some very affectionate) and how many beautiful, feathered creatures are simply disappearing because no one eats them anymore! Chickens have been domesticated longer than than the dog. It's no wonder that we have a connection to them that is primal... and they to us.

We spent a lot of blood, sweat and tears rescuing birds of all types those first few years but with limited space, the bio-security risk eventually became too great. Bringing in outsiders put our small flocks in danger. Eventually, there was only one solution, we needed a big place with fertile land, clean air and pure water and we have set out to do just that.

We have sold our much beloved home to finance Eden and expect to be at our new location in the Province of Veraguas, Republic of Panama mid-July 2017. 

Our Top Question - Do You Eat Them?

No, no one with a name gets eaten at Eden!

What About The Eggs?

As a conservatory, we do not sell our animals or animal products. As you know however, one of the things chickens love to do is lay eggs and then tell the whole neighborhood about it for 20 minutes! We occasionally use the eggs as a supplement to help sick, young or injured birds on the path to recovery or as a special treat. They love them, they're good for them and yes, it's perfectly normal. Sometimes we share with neighbors or the soup kitchen (homeless shelter) a few blocks away. Do not try this at home without first boiling, then mashing shell and all. A smart chicken will figure out that they're eggs if they look like an egg and begin snacking on raw ones without permission.


Our number one thing is still critically endangered chickens but the vision for Eden Conservatory continues to develop. We are excited to begin work on the three poultry breeds of Central America that are in serious trouble but we also have to be able to support that work. We hope to become a completely self-sustaining, organic, permaculture operation and will be trying our hands at all sorts of green growing. In Panama, where it seems food grows everywhere (like Eden), we may be trying to sell ice to Eskimos which is why after a grueling trip,"Operation Find A Finca" did just that and more. We have found a remote location that will challenge us personally in every way imaginable but at the end of the day, we plan to use it as an educational center to do our small part in a country that struggles with issues of balancing modernization with conservation. Our plan now includes a couple of guest casitas so followers and tourists alike can share in the beauty that's about to unfold in the jungles of Panama.

Did we mention that "Sacred Falls", a 50' waterfall purported to have healing properties is located on Phase 1 of Eden Conservatory?

We're doing it right and with the sweat of our brow. Would you like to help us secure Phase 2 & 3? For $1.00, four quarters, a buck, you can secure an entire square meter of rain forest for the future of Eden Conservatory. That's right, we promise to use every single dollar you donate to secure an additional square meter of land! You can't buy coffee for a buck but you can tell your friends you bought a square meter of rain forest for a chicken! 

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